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Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Want to get to know our solar system better? No better place than Cosmixology Lounge.

Roles: Writer (General Story, Venus Character Route)

Made for: Demo for Sheridan College capstone

Game Description:

A humour-heavy dating simulator starring all the planets of our solar system as patrons of a space lounge, where the player works as a bartender-in-training.

Your goal is to master mixology and hone your silver tongue to win the heart of your favourite planet!

Venus Character Sheet

Personality: A lifetime of attention is bound to make anyone a little self-absorbed. But, Venus is lucky to have been surrounded by a system full of cool peeps to bring them back to reality. Despite their aggressive, pompous personality, Venus is genuinely a kind-hearted spirit who’s always open to learn, even if it doesn't seem that way. Though, they aren’t without their quirks. Venus loves to talk about themselves, talk over others, and is known to check their social media religiously.

Defining Traits: Pompous, flirtatious

Conflicting Trait: Giving

Occupation: Intergalactic celebrity (influencer, actor, musician)

Hobbies: Social media, Selfies

Bio: Your new favorite intergalactic pop sensation. Venus is a celebrity truly known amongst the stars (and their systems, of course). They’re a social media influencer, a hit with the latest generation, and maybe they’ve released a single or two. But why is someone as influential as them a regular patron in a small bar like this? And more importantly, why do they seem so interested in you? Venus has always known the spotlight; their trips to the lounge are their way to “spend time amongst the common types.” The player, in particular, may have the fresh perspective on life that they’ve been looking for.

Dialogue Considerations:

  • Can be ignorant and self-absorbed, but is never intentionally mean

  • Takes every opportunity to talk about something they’ve done before

  • Interrupts others frequently, but unintentionally

Read the Post Mortem here.

The demo is available to play for free here.

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