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Hi! I'm Leann!

I'm a narrative designer and writer with experience working solo as well as with groups of professionals, both on the creative and technical sides of the game creation process. I specialize in branching narratives, character-driven stories, and writing diverse, well rounded characters. 

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I'm particularly passionate about the unique way that audiences interact with game narratives, allowing them to participate in the story instead of passively consuming it. I especially enjoy games which allow the player's actions to affect the story. I love practicing my craft and interacting with others in my field in order to continue growing and improving my skills. Some of my favourite games include Undertale, Stardew Valley, and The Last of Us

Games aside, I'm also enamored by mythology of all origins, as well as musical theatre. I've volunteered with my local youth theater group for several years, and have participated both on and off the stage. You can find me baking, obsessing over Dungeons and Dragons, playing with SFX makeup, or watching over-the-top teen dramas.

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